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In today’s society, having a flat stomach is important to a physically fit appearance. 为了实现这个目标,许多人进行了密集的劳动. 健康饮食, 艰苦的训练, 起初,腹部小器械似乎都很有希望, but do little to eliminate accumulations of excess fat and sagging skin in the abdominal area. 如果你被外表问题困扰, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) from 整形外科小组 may be a good choice for you.

A tummy tuck is a commonly sought after procedure, especially following pregnancy. 怀孕导致腹部皮肤和肌肉伸展, and they often fail to regain their original tone after the baby is born. A tummy tuck is an excellent procedure to help you achieve your desired abdominal tone and help remove some of the stretch marks that result from pregnancy.

A tummy tuck is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen and tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall.

在整形外科小组, we are only concerned with how we can help you achieve your goals. That means taking the time to listen and work with you to design your desired look. Our customer focused approach facilitates a more relaxed and comfortable environment, 哪一个会产生最好的结果.

腹部整形术是从沿着比基尼线的一个长长的切口开始的. Underlying muscle and tissue are drawn together narrowing the waistline and strengthening the abdominal wall. 皮肤向下拉,多余的皮肤被去除. 为肚脐开了一个新口子. Some scarring is to be expected; however, scars will fade with time.

Patients should be aware that a tummy tuck procedure is not a simple operation and that choosing the right plastic surgeon to perform your procedure is very important. 在整形外科小组, our plastic surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and have years of experience in tummy tuck procedures. Setting realistic expectations from your tummy tuck surgery and discussing those options with your surgeon will help maximize your result.


在整形外科小组, 医生最关心的是你的健康, 安全, 帮助你达到预期的结果. 在考虑身体轮廓时, 你的体重指数, 或身体质量指数, is the main criteria factor used to determine whether you are a good candidate. 请 遵循这个图表 来配置你的BMI. 如果你的BMI在30或以上, you are currently not a good candidate for surgical body contouring or Coolsculpting. 请打电话到我们办公室 513.791.4440 for further assistance or recommendations on weight loss physicians. 一旦你达到稳定的体重和可接受的BMI, 我们鼓励你来咨询一下. A BMI within healthy range enhances your chances for an optimal outcome.

One of our friendly surgery schedulers will share the surgeons’ credentials, 回答问题并安排一次免费的咨询. Find out if you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck procedure by calling 整形外科小组 today at 513.791.4440.

为你的便利, The Christ Hospital Surgery Center is located on the ground floor of 1 Plastic Surgery Plaza and is an AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) accredited surgical facility with four surgical suites.

这几天你会觉得有些不舒服. The discomfort is managed with pain medication prescribed to you by your Plastic Surgery Group surgeon. Bruising normally resolves within a week, and swelling usually resolves in two weeks to two months. 大多数人都能在两周内重返工作岗位, 提供的工作不涉及举起超过10磅.

The term “tummy tuck” makes the procedure sound as though it is a simple one. 事实上,这种操作是相当广泛的. Those who are generally healthy usually have no problems during or after surgery. Fluid collection under the skin may occur and is managed by placing a small sterile drain through the skin or by withdrawing the fluid by a syringe. 事实上, 为了防止液体收集, 你的外科医生会在手术时放置一个小引流管. 大约一个星期后,办公室的下水道就会被清除掉. Other problems such as skin breakdown and infection are less common, especially in non-smokers.

后 surgery, you will see a noticeable difference in the contour of your abdomen. 许多人发现他们更坚定, flatter abdomen boosts their confidence and makes them feel more comfortable in clothing.

了解更多关于腹部整形术的信息, come see the cosmetic surgery experts of 整形外科小组 at one of our convenient locations in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky. 或安排您的免费咨询, 点击这里 与我们h888皇冠下载. 在这里查看此过程的前后图库.


伤疤刚好在耻骨上方一直延伸到髋骨, 根据身体大小和类型有所不同. The scar can easily by hidden by most styles of underwear and bathing suits.


这几天你会觉得有些不舒服. The discomfort is managed with pain medication prescribed to you by your TPSG surgeon. Bruising normally resolves within a week, and swelling usually resolves in 2 weeks to 2 months. 大多数人都能在两周内返回工作岗位, 提供的工作不涉及举起超过10磅.

我需要紧身衣吗? 我要租多久?
是的,某种类型的支持或压缩服装是需要的. 根据您的恢复速度,您将需要2-6周.

这通常取决于你的恢复速度. You will most likely be able to return behind the wheel in 1-3 weeks.


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